Superior Pearl FULL Knifegrade




A translucent (pearlescent), strong-bonding, 100% Vinyl Ester adhesive making it ideal for invisible joints especially on light colored stones. Perfect for seaming, laminating, mitering and chip repair on all types of natural and engineered stone.

  • Quart
  • 1.25 Gallon
  • 5Gal Pail

Superior PEARL?(Knife Grade) adhesives are very light / white (pearlescent) in color making them ideal for invisible joints, especially on light/white colored stones. Perfect for seaming, mitering, laminating, rodding and chip repair on all types of natural and engineered stone.

Superior PEARL?is available in (3) unique viscosities (See Viscosity Chart Above)

  • FLOWING?? Pourable liquid
  • FULL Knife Grade?? Smooth, paste consistency
  • EHC Knife Grade?? Thicker, less shear, paste consistency

Superior PEARL?utilizes advanced Vinyl Ester resin technology making it a great choice for light/white stones and mitered edges. (Due to stone porosity,?TEST?for ?shadowing? on quartzite, white marble and other light colored porous stones before application)

The light pearlescent color makes it easy to add Superior Coloring Paste for?perfect color matching.

To retain its ?pearlescent? color, use?ONLY?the specified amount of hardener and?ONLY?use hardener supplied by Superior.

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Quart, 1.25 Gallon, 5Gal Pail

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